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13th June 2017

Young and Enterprising

The future of the UK will be influenced greatly by how entrepreneurial the next generation proves to be. Simon Lewis […]
19th September 2016

Tasty Business

Simon Lewis, CEO at Partridge Muir & Warren Ltd considers how to cook up a good return in the food […]
13th November 2014

What’s in a Name?

Inspiration comes from history and Aissela is no exception. Taking on the historical namesake of Esher, which reflects the long […]
13th November 2014

A Fond Farewell

Our move to Esher follows the sale of Tolworth Tower to local Kingston property developers, CNM Estates for a reported […]
13th June 2014

Our Values – Through the Eyes of a Master Craftsman

Easter is the most important occasion of the year in the Russian Orthodox Church, equivalent to Christmas in the West. […]
17th July 2013

Why PMW?

PMW offers a range of services, some of which might be suitable to help you achieve your objectives. PMW is […]
11th February 2013

Are you Being Served?

The prospect of reading an article about the regulation of financial services might not fill you with excitement. Nevertheless, if […]
11th December 2012

Banker Bashing is Bonkers

There is no doubt that our banks behaved badly. Investment banks manipulated financial markets and retail banks provided loans that […]
1st May 2011

Academy is a Winner

Partridge Muir & Warren is a long-established and respected wealth management company in Surrey. We have Chartered status and have […]
10th February 2011

Wealth Matters

This is traditionally a time to take stock of our personal finances and to assess what progress we have made […]

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