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23rd November 2017

The Budget Autumn 2017

Philip Hammond delivered his first Autumn Budget to Parliament on 22 November 2017. In the circumstances, his Budget was both […]
11th April 2017

An Unjust Bounty

Simon Lewis, CEO at Partridge Muir & Warren sheds light on a new ‘stealth tax’ targeted primarily at the wealthy […]
21st March 2017

The Budget March 2017

Philip Hammond delivered his first (and last) Spring Budget to Parliament on 8 March 2017 and demonstrated that he is […]
24th November 2016
beautiful caucasian elderly couple in the park in autumn

Autumn Statement November 2016

Philip Hammond delivered his first Autumn Statement as Chancellor on 23 November 2016 and in facing the headwinds affecting the […]
17th March 2016

The Budget March 2016

George Osborne introduced the 2016 Budget to parliament on Wednesday 16 March. He announced ‘an economy set to grow faster […]
10th February 2016

Fill Your Pension Pot not Your Petrol Tank…

A budget and a new tax year approach. Simon Lewis, CEO at Partridge Muir & Warren, considers the planning priorities […]
26th November 2015

The Autumn Statement November 2015

A change of direction for Chancellor George Osborne … The Spending Review, which sets out how Government plans to spend […]
16th September 2015

Summer Budget Blues – Part II

Simon Lewis revisits the Summer Budget and sheds light on the increasing tax burden for some investors and in particular, […]
21st August 2015

Summer Budget Blues

Simon Lewis looks at the increasing tax burden for investors, small and medium sized business (SME) owners and individuals saving […]
9th July 2015

The Budget July 2015

George Osborne introduced the first wholly Conservative Budget to parliament on Wednesday 8 July. He announced that the UK economy was “fundamentally stronger […]
19th March 2015
Big Ben and Houses of parliament, London

The Budget March 2015

George Osborne’s final Budget of this parliament provided some welcome news for savers, workers and those striving to afford to […]
6th March 2015

Immoral Earnings?

In recent years politicians of all persuasions have sought to blur the distinction between tax evasion and tax avoidance by […]

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