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Social Responsibility

At Partridge Muir & Warren we understand that it is important to ensure our impact on society is positive and that we use our influence and success to help others achieve the same. This is why we have spent nearly 50 years ensuring we offer a service built on integrity, quality and an understanding that our employees are essential to our business.

We believe that by following our four key values we are able to ensure our clients and employees are at the heart of everything we do:


We are always open and honest with our clients and we avoid jargon.


We believe in developing strong relationships built on trust and loyalty.


We are committed to supporting employees with their development.


We protect our clients from organisations with fraudulent motives.

The Elmbridge Community Fund

In 2016 we became the Founding Corporate Partner for the Elmbridge Community Fund (ECF). The organisation provides grants and support for local community needs and voluntary groups in the Elmbridge area. As part of our funding agreement we gave an initial donation to the charity, along with a commitment to provide an annual donation at the end of each year.

Annual donations are calculated with reference to the annual profit achieved by the PMW Academy Portfolio; an investment fund created to assist in the training and development of PMW staff. This fund was established with company money to enable trainee staff to act as fund managers and learn from both their successes and failures before taking responsibility for clients portfolios.

The purpose of ECF is to finance the hard work of local volunteer groups and allow their passion to have an even greater impact for the benefit of our community.

Simon Lewis, CEO of Partridge Muir & Warren

In January 2017, Simon Lewis was honoured to be asked to become Chairman of ECF. The position has allowed him to be fully involved in increasing awareness of the charity within the local community and use his expertise to ensure the efficient running of the fund.

For more information about the Elmbridge Community Fund or to donate, please click here.

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