2017 – Our predictions under the microscope

As we finalise our predictions and strategies for the year ahead it is important to look objectively at how our investment strategies performed in 2017.

The great news is that 2017 was another excellent year for PMW client portfolios. We are delighted to report that investment returns exceeded our expectations across all portfolio types and that returns were commensurate with our risk profiles. Most portfolios enjoyed, after costs, a double digit return over the calendar year. This is an excellent result given the conservative nature of our approach.

Returns from client portfolios are driven primarily by our House View asset allocation, which provides the DNA of every portfolio we create and look after. Our House View is influenced by our evolving view of the world, which considers macro-economics, the business and financial environment, technological advancements and geopolitics.

This time last year we revealed some of our predictions in our Financial Outlook for 2017. Our success in correctly predicting many of the key investment trends serves to demonstrate our ability to create well-informed investment strategies. To see exactly how we fared, please read the attached analysis, which puts our predictions for 2017 under the microscope.

Click here to read our analysis.