3 Top Ways a Financial Planner Could Save You Money

A financial planner is a specialist financial adviser who works with individuals, business owners and families to help them meet specific financial or life goals. You may be wondering about the merits of using a financial planner, and whether it is worth the investment. The fact is that there are ways in which a financial planner could actually save you money. And that is precisely what we are looking at today.

What is a financial planner?

Financial planners work with their clients for the long term. Whether you are planning for retirement, or have goals that you would like to fulfil, such as sending a child to university or buying a dream car, you can benefit from the guidance provided by a financial planner. With strategies recommended to suit your specific situation and aspirations, and a core focus on ensuring your money goes as far as it possibly can, financial planning can literally ‘make things happen’.

A financial planner taps into the power of cash flow management, savings strategies, investment planning, budgeting, pension and estate planning, and tax mitigation. All of which have the potential to save you money in the long term.

Not everyone will naturally connect financial planning with saving money. But the pure nature of the financial planner’s role means that there is every possibility that they will, in some way, be able to reduce your expenditure, either directly or indirectly.

How can professional financial planning save you money?

Let’s take a look at three top ways a financial planner could help save you money.

1.     Help reduce tax payable

Tax mitigation is one of the key strategies employed by financial planners. Their knowledge of all the legal, effective tax planning vehicles, and their expertise in applying them in the right way and against the appropriate situation, is invaluable.

Whether it’s reducing the amount of Inheritance Tax payable on an estate; mitigating the Capital Gains Tax liability on the sale of an asset; coming up with tax-efficient savings structures, or finding ways to better manage income tax payable, you will find that a financial planner has a great deal to offer you.

2.     Better manage your investments

Expertly managed investments have the potential to deliver greater returns than those that do not benefit from professional supervision. A financial planner will make use of specialist tools to ensure your investment portfolio is perfectly matched to your goals and your attitude to risk.

With a professional in charge of your investments, you could avoid acting unwisely during times of market volatility. You could also sidestep the risk of selecting unsuitable products that may end up costing you rather than making you money.

Investment mistakes can be costly. But with a financial planner taking care of your investments, you should be better placed to achieve your financial goals within your ideal timescale.

3.     Streamline your finances

If you have a particular goal in mind that involves, for example, saving enough money to make a dream purchase or enjoying a more enriched retirement, a financial planner can help you achieve that goal courtesy of good financial management tactics.

Such tactics may involve, for example, optimising savings; reviewing outgoings; consolidating credit; restructuring investments and putting tax-saving strategies in place, all of them with the potential to net you savings.

A Trusted Financial Planning Service from Partridge Muir & Warren

At Partridge Muir & Warren, we have been providing professional financial planning services Surrey wide since 1969. As chartered financial planners, we are considered to have reached the ‘gold standard’ for our industry, which means even greater peace of mind for our clients.

We offer a comprehensive financial planning service, brought to you by a team of highly skilled chartered financial advisers, investment administrators, tax advisers and legal specialists, all dedicated to protecting your wealth, and helping you reach your all-important financial goals.

If you would like to discover how our financial planning service could potentially save you money, and make all the difference to your journey towards your ambitions, you are welcome to get in touch.