Against all Odds

At Partridge Muir & Warren we have always believed that the key to success is understanding and listening to our clients. So when the news came in March 2020 that the UK was going into full lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we realised that our focus on our clients’ wellbeing was more important than ever.

As a primarily customer-facing business, working remotely became almost as challenging as reinventing the wheel. Despite this, our team quickly rallied together to ensure we were able to deliver a seamless service remotely. Not only were we faced with the challenge of implementing and learning to use new technology ourselves but, in many cases, we were also faced with the added challenge of teaching our clients how to navigate it too.

Fast forward a year later and the changes to our business processes have been significant. The team and our clients are now fully versed in using zoom for review meetings and we have managed to successfully deliver our service, without interruption, during one of the most challenging periods in our 52 years of business.

To be nominated again for Wealth Manager of the Year: Southern England at the City of London Wealth Management Awards, was a real testament to how the team navigated the challenges of 2020. With focus on these awards greater than ever, we knew the competition would be strong. It was both a surprise and an honour when we were announced as the winners once again this year. Although we were unable to accept the award in person, it didn’t detract from the realisation that our hard-work had been rewarded.

As we reflect on our achievements in the last year, winning at the City of London Wealth Management Awards will certainly be one of our greatest. Knowing that our clients voted for us in such high numbers shows that the team at PMW have lived up to their promises and delivered a seamless service against all odds.

As the UK starts its journey out of lockdown and embarks on a return to some sort of normality, we know there will be plenty more challenges ahead. Despite this, we have a great deal to look forward to, with plans to return to the office in the near future and welcoming our clients back to face-to-face meetings when permitted. For now, we are happy to raise a virtual glass to our colleagues for their hard work and our clients for their continued support. Here’s to working against the odds and facing whatever the future has to throw at us!

Watch the acceptance speech by Simon Lewis: