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The Budget March 2016

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9th March 2016
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George Osborne introduced the 2016 Budget to parliament on Wednesday 16 March. He announced ‘an economy set to grow faster than any other major advanced economy in the world’ and that Britain is ‘on course for a Budget surplus’. In contrast, he referred to global markets as ‘turbulent’, productivity growth across the west as ‘too low’ and the outlook for the global economy as generally ‘weak’.

Mr Osborne told MPs that this Budget was designed to create long term benefits for the British economy and create a platform of stability for the future. With a focus on reduced taxes for businesses and enterprises, reform of the education system to improve schools and measures to encourage public saving; the Chancellor believes he has created a Budget that will make ‘Britain fit for the future’.

To find out more and learn how it might affect you, please refer to our Budget guide.

If the Budget guide does not display correctly, please download our Budget guide PDF.

If you wish to read the full Budget or ‘Red Book’ published by the Treasury and HMRC, this can be viewed here.

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