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1Do you have a minimum portfolio size?

There is no minimum portfolio size as such, although amounts invested in a Service that total less than £50,000 will be charged at the rates applicable for £50,000. For portfolios between £50,000 and £100,000 we are able to offer entry to our Investment Management Service, which is a cost-effective alternative to our full Wealth Management Service.

Although the average portfolio size for our Wealth Management Service is currently in the region of £600,000, we will consider supervising portfolios with a starting value of £100,000 where it is likely that further assets will be introduced at a later stage.

2What is a ‘Chartered Financial Planner’ and how are you different?

Chartered status is accepted as the gold standard for financial planners and advisers in the UK. It is used to demonstrate an achieved level of knowledge and experience and shows a continued commitment to the profession.

For an individual to achieve Chartered status they must complete approximately 14 exams in various aspects of financial services and related subjects. For a company to achieve Chartered status they must demonstrate the highest commitment to professional standards.

As a Chartered company we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of advice and are committed to ensuring our advisers work in an ethical manner, putting your best interests at the heart of the advice they give.

3What is meant by ‘Independent’?

An Independent Financial Planner is a term used to describe a Financial Planner working independently for their clients rather than representing a single insurer or product provider. This means that as an Independent Financial Planner we will consider a full range of products from the whole market.

Using an Independent Financial Planner means that you can be sure we are giving you advice that is unbiased, well researched and in line with your individual requirements.

4How much do you charge?

At PMW we provide a transparent and unbiased fee schedule. We believe that it is important that there are no hidden costs associated with our service. Fee rates are set independently of the type of investment arrangement deemed to be suitable to meet our clients’ needs. Entry Fees are payable when capital is first introduced to the Service and are heavily discounted for additional introductions thereafter.

We charge an annual Service Fee calculated as a percentage of funds invested, which reduces as the value of the portfolio increases. We will not apply fees to investment transactions effected on behalf of clients as a consequence of carrying out recommended portfolio changes. It is considered that the cost of advising on and implementing such changes is covered by the Service Fee. This means that we can ensure that any changes to the portfolio are made with your best interests at heart.

5Is it easy to gain access to my money if I need it?
Yes, you can request access to your money at any point, and upon receiving your request your adviser will discuss the most tax-efficient way to withdraw your funds.
6If I hire you to manage my finances do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, any agreement can be cancelled with immediate effect on receipt of your written instruction. PMW’s Service Fee will be payable until the point that the assets are transferred out of our care. We will undertake all administration necessary for the expedient transfer of the assets.

7I have existing investments/pensions that need to be reviewed. Can you help me?

Yes, depending on the size of your existing portfolio we can review your current investments/pensions as part of our Wealth Management, Financial Planning or Investment Management Services.

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