Virtual Globetrotting: The Great Barrier Reef

Ceris Hymas, Head of Marketing at Partridge Muir & Warren, provides her first in a series of articles aimed at providing inspiration whilst in isolation. In this article she reviews her virtual experience of the Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough. 

Firstly, I have to admit to being a bit of a David Attenborough fan, so I particularly enjoyed this experience. Like everything he puts his name to, this was well researched, comprehensive and of the highest quality.

What I particularly enjoyed about it, is the fact that you could choose just how interactive your experience became. I cannot imagine any two visitors would follow the same path or storyline, due to the interactive nature of every chapter. You find yourself diverting off in different directions and finding new and interesting ways to explore the reef. The videos are of a stunning quality and offer the usual standard of geographical excellence one would expect from a seasoned naturist.

There are five chapters in total offering a number of well-produced and educational videos, unique interactive experiences and a look at the some of the species found in the reef. All of the messaging is accompanied by an underlying message that the reef is in danger, which is highlighted by the live countdown showing how much of the reef has been lost since the launch of the site. The experience offers an enjoyable, educational and powerful look at one of the seven greatest natural wonders of the world. It allows us to experience the beauty and wonder whilst also opening our eyes to the effects of climate change.

If you are interested in the growing cycle of a coral, seeing through the eyes of a mantis shrimp or simply listening to the unique tones of this musical environment, this is certainly the experience for you.

Click here to start the experience.