Virtual Globetrotting: The Statue of Liberty

Ceris Hymas, Head of Marketing at Partridge Muir & Warren, continues her series of articles aimed at providing inspiration whilst in isolation. In this article she reviews her virtual experience of The Statue of Liberty.

If you have an interest in engineering, then this tour is certainly for you. It is simple tour that allows you to see some areas of the statue that are not usually open to the public.

The tour is in three parts; the statute, the exterior and the museum. You can work your way up the statue, reading about the various techniques used to build it and experiencing the fantastic views. The 360-degree view from the torch allows you to see across the New York skyline and from here you can also jump to a tour of Ellis Island. The exterior tour allows you to view the lady of liberty in all her glory, at day or night. You can also view the statue from various places around Liberty Island and from inside the museum.

Along the bottom are a number of icons that may be easily missed. This would be a real shame, as I felt these were the most interesting part of the tour. From the navigation bar along the bottom you can view historical photographs and documentation showing the statue in various stages of development.  The construction of this ginormous structure would have been pioneering back in the day and the images that accompany this tour are a fantastic insight into its history.

If you are more interested in the views, then you can also take a look at the live webcam footage which provides views from various areas of the statue. I would suggest the Harborcam which has live views of Manhattan Island. With the time difference, it is easy to sit and watch the sun rise over the New York skyline, which is stunning sight. Click here for live webcam footage.

By taking this tour, it’s clear to see that it may be a while before the statue is open to real visitors, due to the close proximity of the staircase and the lack of space to allow for social distancing. This could be the only way people will be visiting the lady of liberty for quite some time, so sit back and enjoy the views from the comfort of your home.

Click here to begin the tour.