Virtual Globetrotting: The Vatican

Ceris Hymas, Head of Marketing at Partridge Muir & Warren, continues her series of articles aimed at providing inspiration whilst in isolation. In this article she reviews her virtual experience of the Vatican. 

Home to the Pope, the Vatican offers a trove of historical artwork, sculptures and architecture. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy a visit to The Vatican and I would say it is certainly worth a virtual visit.

I was sceptical about the virtual tours ability to capture some of the detail and colour of the artwork, but in most aspects it did not disappoint. The high definition quality and ability to zoom into much of the architecture and art, means that you are able to view and enjoy some of the most famous art of all time. Unfortunately, it was difficult to appreciate the artwork of Michelangelo in Sistine Chapel, due to the sheer size of the chapel and limitations on the zoom, but it was still magnificent to see.

Unusually, my favourite part of the tour was the Sistine Hall rather than the Sistine Chapel. I was absolutely amazed by how well preserved this artwork is and how vibrant the colours are. Unlike the chapel tour, in the Sistine Hall the zoom functionality allows you to get a very good view of the angels guarding the roof and the 360 view allows you to capture the halls in all of their glory. I hadn’t realised just how much work must have gone into adorning the walls. It seems like there is not an inch of the magnificent building that hasn’t been used as a canvas.

I’m not going to suggest the experience was better than visiting the real thing (because we all know that’s not true), but it was an extremely enjoyable experience and a nice change from binging on boxsets. Vatican City has never been somewhere I have considered visiting before, but after this virtual tour, I can safely say it has made my bucket list.

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