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Our Investment Philosophy

At PMW we operate a consistent house view when it comes to the allocation of portfolios, which considers the spread of assets across industry and location. The house view is set by the owner and CEO, Simon Lewis, and regularly reviewed to ensure it reflects the current UK and international economic outlook.

Our Financial Planners and Account Managers also act as fund managers, researching and monitoring allocated funds to ensure they continue to perform as expected. We hold regular fund manager meetings to discuss the performance of funds and ensure they continue to meet our standards. This means that we are continually adapting and evolving to meet client needs and reflect the changing dynamics of the wider world.

We see ourselves as both guides and guardians to our clients. When evaluating investment arrangements that might suit our clients we operate with a healthy cynicism. We have the experience to identify the unrealistic claims of some investment arrangements and the common sense to avoid them. Our duty is to protect our clients from organisations and people with fraudulent motives.

Our default position is one of conservatism. We do not believe in taking risks that are not required to achieve a financial goal. The majority of our clients seek a consistent, competitive return on their capital, which is why our average current client relationship lasts 19 years.

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