What is Wealth Management?

For anyone who has specific financial goals in mind, whether planning for a comfortable retirement, seeking to protect wealth or looking to become financially secure, wealth management is the process that can make it all possible.

Wealth management combines financial planning, tax planning and investment management. It is a bespoke service involving tailored recommendations, ongoing support and regular investment reviews.

If you are keen to take control of your future, a wealth manager will be able to guide you across a number of aspects of financial planning. They will furnish you with all the support you need to make more informed decisions about your finances. They will steer you onto the path that will help you achieve your goals, and continue to ensure that path remains the right one for you.

For many people, financial peace of mind is their core ambition. Others however have more specific goals. It might be that they want to fund a future dream, maybe to buy a holiday home, finance their children’s education, or take a holiday of a lifetime. Some will have early retirement on their minds, whilst others could be keen to find a way to secure their family’s inheritance.

What is the meaning of wealth management?

Wealth management is the process of putting a financial plan in place that will help you achieve your personal goals.

What is the wealth management process? It may involve a financial planner making expertly tailored recommendations on investments, and then continuing to monitor and manage them, so that there is a strategy in place to help fulfil your ambitions. If you already have money invested, then a wealth manager will review them to ensure they remain suitable and on track to deliver what you need.

A full financial review may also form part of the wealth management process. This involves an in-depth look at all aspects of your personal finances, including income and outgoings. Where appropriate, your wealth management advisor will make recommendations to improve the efficiency of any savings, and could present you with options to help improve tax efficiency. They may look at any borrowing that’s in place, and provide guidance on making savings, or helping you repay any debts sooner.

In summary, wealth management can prove the ideal way to make your money go further, which can have a significant impact on your life, your financial position, and the likelihood of achieving your dreams.

What is a wealth management advisor?

A wealth management advisor is a specialist financial planner with wide-ranging knowledge. Because wealth managers take care of every aspect of their clients’ financial planning needs, their expertise will span everything from formulating effective savings and investment strategies to tax planning, budgeting, cash flow management, wealth preservation and estate planning.

Wealth management advisors will always take time to fully understand their clients’ entire financial and family situations, as well as their personal goals.

With the full picture in mind, they are then in the best possible position to make recommendations that are a perfect fit in all respects. This may involve choosing investments that fit the individual’s attitude to risk; providing advice on the most efficient method of taking an income or guiding business owners on the most effective way of distinguishing their personal and business assets, for example.

Who can benefit from a wealth management service?

It is often assumed that wealth management is only for the wealthy. Whilst it is true that wealth managers will often be engaged to assist high net worth individuals with investment management and financial risk mitigation, there is also a great deal of merit for families, executives and small business owners in using a wealth management service.

If you have clear financial goals in mind, then tapping into the expertise of a wealth manager could prove beneficial. They will help ensure you take the right path towards your goals, and with an ongoing wealth management service, you will have reassurance that the path will continue to be the right one for you.

Clarity about your future, and the ability to plan for specific life events, are all connected with effective wealth management. With the help of a good wealth advisor, you can be sure your money is working as hard as possible for you, so that you can look forward to your goals and dreams.

A Trusted Wealth Management Service from Partridge Muir & Warren

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