When do I Need a Financial Adviser?

Most people will find themselves needing financial advice at some point in their lives. These days however, it is easy to turn to the internet to seek guidance, and many people will rely on a trusted family member or friend when they are uncertain about something of a financial nature.

But there is no substitute for professional, independent financial advice, especially when faced with a decision upon which a large amount of money depends, or important goals rest. So, if you are wondering, do I need a financial adviser, read on as we share our recommendations as to when you should be seeking financial advice of a professional nature.

When should I engage a financial adviser?

There are various occasions throughout your life where professional financial advice can make a significant difference. The fact is that a financial planner or adviser could save you money. Not to mention help you reach your financial goals faster by recommending products and strategies that are in your best interests. Products and strategies that no one other than a qualified financial adviser would necessarily know about.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common instances where the answer to the question, do I need a financial adviser, is most definitely in the affirmative.

Planning for retirement or starting a pension

If you have particular aspirations as to how and when you would like to retire, you will benefit considerably by taking specialist retirement planning financial advice.

Once they have thoroughly got to know your goals and current situation, a retirement planner will work closely with you to formulate a fully tailored strategy that will support you as you move towards your ambitions. Financial planning for retirement is an important process and one that only a qualified adviser will be able to expertly guide you on. They will help you find ways to maximise income whilst reducing outgoings and debts, and regularly review your retirement plan to ensure it remains on track.

Do I need a financial planner for retirement? Put it this way… no amount of chatting with friends or asking Google will ever get you the personalised financial plan that will take you to the retirement of your dreams. Only a qualified financial planner can do that.


If you have come into a lump sum of money and you are keen to use it to best effect, or you perhaps have a financial goal in mind that you would like to achieve, then investment may be the right strategy for you. However, the investment landscape is quite a complex one, and unless you really do know what you are doing, the likelihood is that you may not achieve full potential on your returns.

Do you need a financial adviser when investing? Think of it like this. Expertly managed investments have the power to deliver greater returns compared to those that have not been subject to professional setup advice and supervision.

With a professional investment manager taking care of your interests, you could avoid making unwise decisions during times of market volatility. You could also escape the risk of choosing products that are unsuitable for your needs and goals, and that could end up costing you more than they make you.

It is easy to make mistakes when investing. However, with an investment management professional on your side, you should find yourself in a better position to achieve your financial goals within your ideal timescale.

Getting your affairs in order

Making a will, arranging a Lasting Power of Attorney, making provision for dependants should you become unable to care for them, and taking steps to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax your loved ones will pay on your estate when you die, are all part of the important process known as estate planning.

Do you need a financial adviser for estate planning? Absolutely yes, and you will benefit from holistic advice and a team approach. Legal, tax planning and financial expertise are all vital ingredients in estate planning and, without professional, independent advice, it is unlikely you will benefit from bespoke strategies that fully cater to your wishes and ensure your unique family situation is considered.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with estate planning is overlooking the importance of taking professional advice. Whilst you will of course find ample information online, and can learn how your friends or colleagues went about arranging their affairs, this input is no substitute for personalised advice that takes in your unique situation.

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