What our Clients Say About Partridge Muir & Warren

What Our Clients Say


We could tell you about our service offering and approach to our clients, but we believe this is better coming directly from them. Below you can read what some of our clients have to say about their experience with PMW and how we have helped them over the years. 

Mr and Mrs Mayer

One of PMW’s underlying strengths is that every client is treated as an individual and the company ensures that it offers a specialised service tailored to the client’s needs and not one based on a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I have used PMW for over 35 years and therefore observed, at close hand, the increasing sophistication of their analytical investment approach which has resulted in wise and appropriate choices of suitable investment products, and I have been very pleased with the returns obtained.  Indeed, I have recommended them to friends which, of course, is the ultimate test of a client’s satisfaction.

Mr Keane

I have been with PMW for seven years and they have always been very professional, easy to work with and courteous. Most importantly, they cover every aspect of our financial necessities and have achieved our investment goals and objectives. They are exactly what retired investors need. Very professional but in a most pleasant way. Our meetings are always very enjoyable and I look forward to them.

Dr and Mrs Hood

I first met Simon Lewis at a pre-retirement seminar run by my employer in mid ‘90s. It was my first experience of wealth management and at that time had little surplus wealth to invest, but I signed up. I retired after a career which included long periods on contract working outside UK, and so I have neither a full state pension, nor a maximum employer’s pension. Management of our savings is thus of great importance, as regular withdrawals provide a top up to our income. Over the years we have learnt more about PMW and Simon, who is now CEO, and have come to trust their investment philosophy. It is completely tailored to our requirements, as a result of in depth and regular discussion with us. PMW have what I regard as an intensive doubting style. They do not take potential investment funds at face value, but dig under the surface to determine whether the fund is sound, before investing. They also ensure that the fund continues to perform. Not only are we able to withdraw a regular income from our savings and achieve an agreed, and satisfactory, capital appreciation, but we have also called on our funds from time to time to buy a larger item such as a new car, and the funds have been released and available quickly. We have no hesitation in recommending PMW to you. Our funds are managed prudently and professionally and we have confidence that they will manage your funds in the same way.

Mrs Jennings

“The people that I know, that I may talk to about financial matters, are very aware of the service that I have received from PMW. I have discussed with them how much I value the advice I receive, the efficient way my portfolio is managed and the comprehensive way the investments are made for me – I appreciate the time taken to explain the investment plans (which I mainly understand!). I think that the financial security that PMW gives me, which my friends/colleagues see, is the best recommendation I can give.”

Mr and Mrs Boyd

“We can rely on PMW’s guidance and knowledge with the various markets. Whilst I take a bird’s-eye view of what is going on in markets, it is reassuring that we know that PMW can deliver an in-depth view – that over time has proved to be successful”

Mr and Mrs Smith

“After 40 years of advice we feel that our finances are sound and being very effectively managed. We are regularly updated and meet every six months when we have a very comprehensive meeting reviewing the past and planning for the future. We are confident that future generations will be provided with their astute advice.”

Mr and Mrs Nixon

“Confidence in one’s financial adviser is crucial and this can only be acquired over time. However, once one is satisfied that you are receiving the best advice, it is possible to put your trust in your adviser. We are currently in that happy position and continually thank the day that we first approached PMW to help us out of, what was then, a rather tricky position.”

Mr and Mrs Rump

“Excellent and very thorough – especially when detailing the more complicated elements.”

Mrs Brooks

“Due to your careful oversight my income is enough for my needs, and the investment is not decreasing.”

Mr and Mrs Levitton

“We have appreciated the warm and personal approach of PMW. No request has been too much trouble.”

Mr Evans

“The quality of advice and follow-up service has been excellent in every respect.”

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