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Wealth Management Service

Our Wealth Management Service is a sophisticated and ongoing process that takes care of all your financial planning and investment management needs, tailored to your specific requirements and delivered by a dedicated team of experienced professionals. Whether you are planning for retirement or simply want to protect and preserve your wealth, we provide expert advice and tailored recommendations to help you to achieve your financial goals and objectives.

The bespoke nature of the Service means that we are able to accommodate a wide range of wealth levels from the perspective of assets placed under our management. For example, although the average portfolio size is currently in the region of £600,000 we will consider supervising portfolios with a starting value of £100,000 where it is likely that further assets will be introduced at a later stage. We also have many clients with multimillion pound portfolios, with the largest single family arrangement under our management being in excess of £10 million. We have the experience and expertise to deal with most requirements.

There is absolute clarity regarding your costs as the Service has an all-inclusive charge that covers most eventualities. For example, once your money is invested in the Service, we do not charge transaction or advice fees for subsequent changes to the investments. You will have peace of mind that we are covering all of the issues that are relevant to you as a matter of course.

Furthermore, our purchasing power enables us to access third-party services and investments on your behalf at a much lower cost.

How our Wealth Management Service works

At the outset, one of our Chartered Financial Planners will carry out a thorough appraisal of your circumstances and objectives, using the same approach followed by our Financial Planning Service. Once we have a clear idea of what your financial plan should be we will construct a suitable portfolio for implementation. We will also create the specification for your review programme. Request a Call Back Complimentary Consultation
Every Wealth Management Service client is appointed both an Adviser and an Account Manager. Your Account Manager is responsible for the majority of work initiated on your account during the course of the year and is your first point of contact. Account Managers are usually qualified financial advisers in their own right (we call them Financial Planners) and have achieved the Diploma in Financial Planning. Your Adviser is responsible for assessing your circumstances and needs at outset and thereafter to carry out regular reassessments to ensure that your financial plan remains appropriate. Your Adviser will also be responsible for specifying the overall configuration of your bespoke financial plan although your Account Manager will make a significant contribution to this work.

The work of your Account Manager and Adviser is supported by our Operations Team, who deal with the administration of your investments. Request a Call Back Complimentary Consultation
We believe that all clients of the Service should receive a detailed formal appraisal of their investments. The frequency of your appraisal will be dependent on your circumstances and objectives, as well as the scale and complexity of the portfolio that will be under our management. In most cases, a formal annual appraisal with a six-monthly update is agreed as suitable.

The formal appraisal is a very detailed review of your portfolio's structure and performance and is usually accompanied by our recommendations for adjustment, which are given to take account of macro-economic and investment trends. Request a Call Back Complimentary Consultation
Other aspects of financial planning covered by the Service include:

  • Assessment of expenditure, future capital commitments and tailoring of your portfolio to achieve the required cash flow
  • Tax optimisation including ongoing capital gains tax planning
  • Tax equalisation between spouses where advantageous
  • Identification of your risk tolerance including continual reassessment
  • Estate planning and IHT mitigation
  • Planning for the possible cost of care in later life
  • Pension planning, both before and after retirement
Additional matters covered by the Service, which should provide some peace of mind for you:
  • Dealing with your Attorney in the event you are incapacitated
  • Assisting your Executor in the event of your death
Request a Call Back Complimentary Consultation
  • “The people that I know, that I may talk to about financial matters, are very aware of the service that I have received from PMW. I have discussed with them how much I value the advice I receive, the efficient way my portfolio is managed and the comprehensive way the investments are made for me – I appreciate the time taken to explain the investment plans (which I mainly understand!). I think that the financial security that PMW gives me, which my friends/colleagues see, is the best recommendation I can give.”
    Mrs Jennings
  • “We can rely on PMW’s guidance and knowledge with the various markets. Whilst I take a bird’s-eye view of what is going on in markets, it is reassuring that we know that PMW can deliver an in-depth view – that over time has proved to be successful”
    Mr and Mrs Boyd
  • “After 40 years of advice we feel that our finances are sound and being very effectively managed. We are regularly updated and meet every six months when we have a very comprehensive meeting reviewing the past and planning for the future. We are confident that future generations will be provided with their astute advice.”
    Mr and Mrs Smith
  • “Confidence in one’s financial adviser is crucial and this can only be acquired over time. However, once one is satisfied that you are receiving the best advice, it is possible to put your trust in your adviser. We are currently in that happy position and continually thank the day that we first approached PMW to help us out of, what was then, a rather tricky position.”
    Mr and Mrs Nixon
  • “Excellent and very thorough – especially when detailing the more complicated elements.”
    Mr and Mrs Rump
  • “Due to your careful oversight my income is enough for my needs, and the investment is not decreasing.”
    Mrs Brooks
  • “We have appreciated the warm and personal approach of PMW. No request has been too much trouble.”
    Mr and Mrs Levitton
  • “The quality of advice and follow-up service has been excellent in every respect.”
    Mr Evans

The value of your investment can go down as well as up, and you can get back less than you originally invested. Past performance or any yields quoted should not be considered reliable indicators of future returns.

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